The ISWAVLD 2023 local organisation committee and the WAVLD board are delighted to organize the best poster and best oral presentation competitions to be held during the congress.


    Three prizes will be awarded:
    • The award for the best poster in the “Animal Health” topic, worth 1000 €;
    • Two other awards, worth 500 € each, reserved for students: the prize for the best oral presentation and the prize for the best poster in the "other" topic.

    Posters will be displayed from 29th June to 1st July June in the dedicated area next to the sponsor exhibition hall.
    Presenters should be available for questions, discussions, near their poster during coffee breaks on 29th and 30th


    Two panels have been set up to assess the posters and oral presentations during the three-day conference.
    • Panel for the Best poster in Animal Health:
    Frédérick ARNAUD, INRAE, France
    Géraldine DURAND, BIOMERIEUX, France
    Peter KIRKLAND, NSW government, Australia 
    • Panel for the Best poster and Best oral presentation in Other Topics:
    Barbara MARTIN, Executive Director, World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians
    Achariya SAILASUTA, Center of excellence in companion animal cancer, CE-CAC and Thai veterinary laboratory diagnostician, TAVLD, Thailand 
    Craig CARTER, University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, United States 


    The evaluation criteria  will be the same for all categories:

    • Posters :
    1. Content (40%): - Attractive title reflecting content of poster, research problem clearly stated, context and importance of research demonstrated, clearly and concise materials and methods, result easily interpreted, conclusion to the point, corresponding to problem, key terms defined and jargon avoided, grammar, spelling, punctuation, appropriate amount of details
    2.  Creativity (30%): novel knowledge, impact to Vet/Social community,
    3. Poster display (15%): overall appeal (balanced composition, catchy), contribution of colors to understanding, not distracting, font (size, style, quality), highlighting of major concepts, short text segments, legible pictures, figures, and legends (size, font, contrast), effective use of space (concise, min 20% empty space), figures convey results effectively (simple, to point)
    4. In General (15%): organization of information, clear take home message, ability to answer questions
    • Oral presentations :
    1. Content/ Idea/ Concept/ Creativity (50%): simplicity appropriate for audience, research problem clearly stated, context and importance of research demonstrated, result easily and clearly interpreted, conclusion to the point, corresponding to problem, demonstrated that significant thought, time and effort were put into the idea? Clearly showed the unique products/techniques (e.g. not currently available)?
    2. Performance (15%): gained attention through compelling introduction, enthusiasm, and use of the stage? Keep audience interest throughout with conversational delivery, intentional movement, gesturing, and eye contact? Concise, confident & clear description of concept using tonal variety? Easy to hear and easy to follow along? Presentation flow well? Solid handoffs to teammates that propelled presentation forward?
    3. Visual Aids (15%): - Clear, catchy slides, not overcrowded, relevant to the idea and helped audience grasp the concept? Simple, clear, well-formatted, visually appealing, error-free visuals?  Presentation materials assisted in flow of presentation?
    4. General (20%): organization of information, clear take home message, ability to answer questions, adherence to time limit 


    The awards ceremony will take place during the dedicated sessions on Saturday 1 July at 11:00, with a presentation of the winners.

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